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We Offer 2 Incredible Plans

Bronze Level Plan


Combines   6 very popular discount and benefit programs into one Card. This easy   to use program could save you Thousands of Dollars a year.

Includes:   The Nation's largest Grocery Savings Program, National Dining Out   Discounts, Well Card Health Benefits, Members Only Travel Discounts,   Cash Back Shopping Program, Entertainment and Attraction Discount   Program

Gold Level Plan

Combines   9 of the most popular Discount and Benefit programs in the country  into  one incredible program at a fraction of the individual program  cost. 

Includes:  Free Legal Services, Roadside  Assistance, Premium National Dining  Discounts, Members Only Buyers  Club, Gold Level Grocery Shopping Savings  Program, Well Card Health  Program, Members Only Travel Discounts,  Entertainment and Attraction  Discounts